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16 pages
8" x 10"
Reading level: 6 - 8
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A Guide for You and Your Partner
It is common for people to have sex less often just before and right after a total joint replacement (hip or knee) due to pain and stiffness. A short time after surgery, your new joint will allow you to return to most of the activities you enjoyed before your surgery, including sex. When you first resume sex, proceed sensibly and with caution -- but without fear. As your confidence grows and your joint heals, you will naturally resume familiar sexual activities with your partner. But you should know that it is normal for your needs to change for a short time following total joint replacement.

This booklet will help you understand your feelings about sex and the precautions you must take during sex after a total hip or knee joint replacement. It shows sexual positions you can use which will protect your new joint and will make sex more comfortable. Share this booklet with your partner. Your surgeon can answer any questions you and your partner may have about this booklet. This booklet should not replace the advice of your doctor, surgeon, therapist or nurse.

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